Shores of Hazeron

The cost is $5 USD to play Shores of Hazeron on line for 15 days when you create an account. Any active player can give you a code that will activate a new account for 15 days; just ask. After that the cost is $10 USD per month to continue playing.

Be sure to check System Requirements to see if Shores of Hazeron will work on your computer. Download the software and run the Primeval World to insure the program will run.

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An account is needed to play Shores of Hazeron on line. This is not the "screen name" of your avatar. The account name is never seen in the game environment. Your account name must be unique among all players; you will be asked to enter a new account name if the name you choose is already in use.

We respect your privacy. We will not disclose your e-mail address to anyone. We will not spam you but we might send you information about changes to Shores of Hazeron.

If you use this web site to reset your password, the new password will be sent to the e-mail address entered here.

Here are some quotes from actual players.

"Great games are rare nowadays. Gems even more rare. And Hazeron is one hell of a gem." · robske

"Hazeron has features that make main stream game developers cry tears of blood." · Martok

"I've always been thoroughly impressed by the technical side of Hazeron. There's a lot of things here that I haven't seen done this well anywhere else! And of course, I met friends through Hazeron who have had a pretty significant impact on me personally. You've really got a masterpiece here, Haxus!" · asphere8

"Most of my time spent playing I would probably say it's the open universe or space mechanics that kept me here. After some thought and comparing the game with others I have liked in the past few years I think it may be something else. Shores of Hazeron was one of the rare games that told a story about you rather than one some writer had written for you....Hazeron was the first game I played that could teach you things about yourself few are lucky enough to learn in a lifetime." · Edward Teach

At news of Shores of Hazeron coming back on line...

"Hazeron is quite possibly the greatest game ever made. Hazeron is the game I craved for countless years, I was ecstatic when a friend showed it to me for the first time. And heartbroken when it went offline. But its back, and I'm happier than ever!" · jstylen

"Oh thank god. has been a long dark past few months trying every game out there. I almost teared up the first time I heard the com tone. lol" · xxqpxx-PMW

"Glad to see SOH is coming back. I honestly have no issue paying $10 a month as long as he is planning to develop the game." · Zephar

Content Warning

Shores of Hazeron
is intended for a mature audience. Players of Shores of Hazeron will encounter some or all of the following things.
  • Intelligent eclectic players from the world over, with diverse cultures and values.
  • Complex game mechanics.
  • Unscripted encounters between avatars.
  • Guns, for wilderness survival and combat.
  • Uncensored content submitted by players in many ways. (That doesn't mean never censored.)
    • Chat text.
    • In-game mail.
    • Empire flag images.
    • Images displayed in picture frames on the walls of spacecraft and buildings.
    • Names of avatars, cities, spacecraft, spacecraft designs, building designs, worlds, solar systems and sectors.
    • Shapes of spacecraft designs and building designs.
    • Forum posts.
  • Nakedness with mannequin-like detail, no genitalia.
  • Copulation for procreation, not intimately graphic.
  • Child birth, no gruesome graphics.
  • Killing and death, no horrific graphics.