The MMO Sandbox Universe
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Explore, colonize, and encounter others in a vast MMO universe.

Discover resources. Build cities. Construct spacecraft. Walk aboard them. Operate their controls. Command a crew of NPCs and players. Lift off. Fly up through the atmosphere to outer space. Land on other worlds, anywhere, not at designated places. Build an empire.

Design unique spacecraft and buildings with the built-in 3D modeler. Make them function, with operable doors, landing gear, lights, turbo lifts, transporters, engines, shields, weapons, and more. Share designs at the Blueprint Exchange.


16:59 UTC

Preparing the depths of space.

17:21 UTC

Commencing the course of time.

18:43 UTC · Shores of Hazeron

Haxus, is there any chance we will be able to A; export objects from Hazeron to .3ds for reference when modeling, and B maybe set it so items will spawn in places at a building? So I could make like a freezer with milk and such in it? Maybe also C:
18:44 UTC · Shores of Hazeron

The ability to fast travel between airports in the solar system?
18:45 UTC · Shores of Hazeron

Also maybe exporting a model of whatever our avatar is in various positions, standing, crouching, sitting, etc to .3ds for making modeling in exterior programs easier?

20:13 UTC · Shores of Hazeron

Hailing the universe. Is anybody out there?