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Incredulously slow construction speed
Remember when building processes were able to be sped up with the appropriate types of tools or electricity? This seems to have been phased out for most buildings with the New-Style designer (apart from a select few which do have it), resulting in horrendously slow building speeds (4 labor/sec) which is a major pain in the ass for buildings which require an upward of tens of thousands of labor to complete.

Is this feature going to be reimplemented anytime soon? It's kind of tiring waiting for buildings to complete (my 15 line hydroelectric power plant took 3 hours), while my pc is heavily locked down due to how much Hazeron takes from it, and you have no pops to help since its a newly created colony.

Something I came across recently, assigning the site texture to "field" not only provides field space shoutouts to Vectorus but also confers the shovel construction speed bonus to the building. Not sure what triggers the hammer construction speed bonus but it is overridden if the hammer is necessary in the building's construction e.g. space is allocated to life support.
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