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Default buildings with full interiors
Hazeron is a bit of a mix between X3 Terran conflict and simcity. One of the main selling points of Hazeron that differentiate it from those other games were fully explorable building and ship interiors. My biggest fear with the new designer was that that aspect would disappear.

While it is possible to make full interiors, it seems to be discouraged and the default buildings (or those made by Haxus) do not have interiors.

Interiors are unecessary you say? When u see a house without windows and with a door u cannot actually open or enter, it is no longer a house but a prop that looks like a house.

Hazeron is about being able to go everywhere you should be able to go. No invisible walls, no painted backdrops that are unreachable, and similarly it should not have buildings with fake doors that cannot be entered. That's what traditional games do and is annoying and stupid. Hundereds of fake doors that cannot be openend.

Sure I can design all my buildings with full interiors, and I will never make a new style city until I design fully enterable buildings., but then when conquering or defending other players cities or figting wars it will possibly be amongst empty props that look like buildings. Unless most other players also make full interiors and especially unless the default buildings have full interiors.

Possible future urban warfare with fully enerable buildings, so u can snipe from a window etc would really be much cooler than empty shells imo.
Feel free to make your own copy with full interior of all public designs that have "copy" rights.
But I sure won't bother with it.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
To be fair modeling full interiors is time consuming.  I'm planning on making my buildings have interiors but not like full interiors. Just the primary rooms for players to visit.
I can see 2 reasons not to do this, at least not for awhile:

1. Rendering/fps/computer issues.  I'm no whiz with this sort of thing, but I seem to remember the old models being complete, inside and out, was a cause of some strain on some systems.

2. Defense mechanism.  People who want complete models (like the the OP) will be discouraged from invading my plain, propstyle cities. :p
Maybe. Or maybe they'll be that much more inclined to wipe your interior-lacking abomination of a civilization from the face of the universe.
Adapt or die.

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