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RFinder is a not so creatively named tool for scanning survey reports for specific resources.
Version 1.0.0
  • JRE 1.8+

Why did I make this?
I preferred the way Galactic Dossier did things, with showing resources instead of resource zones like in Hazeron Prospector. Making this was faster than decompiling Galactic Dossier and updating it to work again. As an added benefit, RFinder is also about 15x faster to load all the resources of my 22mb star map into the table than Hazeron Prospector is.

Future Plans (No Guarantees!)
  • Bringing down memory usage.
  • Ability to search for systems fulfilling a customizable set of requirements (Ex: A system with both Q250+ Ore and Q250+ Lumenite).
[Image: uWl4w8D.png]
[Image: 2FukHNT.png]
[Image: 9QembFe.png]
[Image: 1OREgXv.png]

  • Added some lookup tables to speed things up.
  • Added the system analyzer.
  • Fixed too many bugs to list out.

  • Added tab for viewing resources in terms of zones.

  • Added quality distribution graph.
  • Added copying on table rows so that it can easily be pasted into a spreadsheet.
  • Moved filtering and loading to a separate thread to prevent the ui thread from hanging.
  • Made negative progress on memory usage.
  • Fixed lockup when auto resizing table with <50 items.
  • Initial release.

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